Property and Lease Management System (PLMS) for Domestic Airports

General Authority for Civil Aviation

As the General Authority for civil Aviation (GACA) took the initiative to activate an integrated system for Property and Lease Management, it choose ARCHIBUS as the foundation for the system that would manage all aspects of the economic utilization of its spaces and facilities resources, this system has been further developed to comply with the tariff regulations of Civil Aviation for automatic calculation of the rent of spaces and its linkage to leasing contracts. It has also been developed to automatically generate the expected revenues and issue due invoices for these contracts. In addition, the system has for the first time in the Kingdom a complete integration between the Facilities Management Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), it shows not only maps of spaces and their information, but also detailed maps of airports and the buildings inside of it. The system allowed the Business Development department to reclaim previously lost revenues from under-utilized spaces that can be leased to companies, and to gain access to leasing contracts data and various details and aspects.1