Preparing study for the land-related systems integration

Jeddah Municipality
The project aims to prepare a study for the land-related systems integration in Jeddah Municipality, that have the greatest impact on maximizing the use of the systems within Jeddah Municipality, and so to facilitate the transactions procedures for of citizens in order to cope with the latest technology in the IT field and desiring to perform its work quickly and efficiently. That was through setting the mechanism of linking different land related applications within the Municipality, setting the technical specifications standards for the data exchange, achieve scalability, and commit to the global GIS standards in the applications integration, so that the data exchange between different applications become more easy and flexible, which increases the possibility of dealing with third parties effectively and more communicatively.

This project was based on assessing the current situation and developing a future plan to overcome the problems faced the Municipality in managing the land-related systems, taking in consideration the Municipality existing and proposed systems as shown in the following diagram: