CAD & GIS Co. Ltd. helps GACA in managing properties & leases all over Kingdom


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) Domestic Airports (DA) successfully completes its deployment for ARCHIBUS Web Central.

The DA business unit is now starting to automate the management process of its properties and leases across its Headquarter and the 23 domestic airports across the kingdom, covering over 214,000,000 m2 of facilities and lands with the new Properties and Leasing Management System (PLMS). PLMS is a complete turnkey solution based on ARCHBUS Web Central and ESRI ArcGIS Server. CAD & GIS Co. Ltd. implemented and customized the ARCHIBUS Web Central environment to follow and comply with the governmental standards and processes in GACA DA and to allow for the geospatial insight to become an integral part of the workflow in GACA DA properties and leases management.