Master Plan & Building Permits Automation system

Jeddah Municipality
Proceeding from the keenness of the Jeddah Municipality to facilitate the procedures of citizens' transactions, and the desire to perform its work quickly and efficiently, the Municipality updated the construction conditions in place to conform to these trends, taking in consideration the clarity, transparency of these conditions and to remove any ambiguity for the benefit of Jeddah, and that was done by developing a system to automate the Master plan and Construction conditions, developing a mechanism to update its data, and unification the technical standards for the base maps and geographic data to automate the extraction of construction systems in different areas in accordance with these conditions, which leads to the achievement of a mechanism for managing the master plan and the construction conditions data, to be entered into the central geodatabase, as to integrate with other relevant systems within the Municipality and any future systems, and the data exchange between different applications become more easy and flexible, which increases the possibility of dealing with third parties effectively and more communicatively.