TIFM System Implementation - Phase I SBG Headquarters

Saudi BinLadin Group
The Saudi BinLadin Group faced a challenge in managing their facilities data over its Headquarters, a hybrid method of using paper drawings and Excel sheets to manage their spaces utilization. CAD & GIS was commissioned to implement a Total infrastructure and Facilities Management (TIFM) solution, and ARCHIBUS was chosen as the TIFM system provider as a worldwide market leader and its diverse portfolio of TIFM applications. CG used ARCHIBUS Facil-o-torTM to consolidate all of SBG space-related drawings it has and updated it to match the up-to-date status of spaces, collected personnel-related data and stored the telecom network data within the unified TIFM database ARCHIBUS provides. The solution helped ARCHIBUS to become more aware of its facilities status and utilization and allowed it for more insight into its facilities.