Campus data management system

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology 
This project helps the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in campus data management, to activate a global solution in the field of facilities management and fixed assets within the University Strategic Plan, that can be used easily and works to provide the necessary functions to manage the facilities and areas, and the organization of halls and laboratories booking in campus.
CAD & GIS Co., Ltd. has been assigned to build and implement institutional solution for facilities management through using ARCHIBUS program as a suitable solution for management these facilities; that effectively meet the needs of the university and elevating the level of services they provide, which would help the university in obtaining vital information about its facilities and support the spaces planning process, traffic and mobility management, fixed assets management and halls and laboratories booking in campus, depending on state-of-the-art technologies using the Cloud technology through the Internet without the need for the university to have servers or a full-time specialist for system management.