ARCHIBUS Course : EU102 - Custom

ARCHIBUS Applications is a half-day course for each application activity or special topic of choice. Applications classes are scheduled in conjunction with the ARCHIBUS Fundamentals course by request.
Each ARCHIBUS activity contains its own set of features and functionality to address the unique needs of various workflow processes. These courses are intended for users who are familiar with the basic functionality of ARCHIBUS and are looking for specific, detailed, hands-on training in particular areas. Function-specific training is available for each of the ARCHIBUS applications as well as for special topics.
Duration: 1/2 day for each module or topic, in addition to EU101
Prerequisite: ARCHIBUS Fundamentals or approval of ARCHIBUS Training Manager
Course topics include, but are not limited to:
Application Domains
 Space Planning & Management
 Real Estate Portfolio Management
 Strategic Master Planning
 Asset Management
 Telecommunications and Cable Management
 Building Operations Management
 Capital Project Management
 Enterprise Move Management
 Risk Management
Special Topics
 Condition Assessment
 Emergency Preparedness
 Reservations & Hoteling
 Service Desk
 Security
 Drawing Publishing
 Smart Client Overlay for AutoCAD and Revit
 Environmental Sustainability
 Environmental Health & Safety
 Energy Management
 Green Building
 Waste Management
 And many more