ARCHIBUS Course : SA201 - System Administration

ARCHIBUS System Administration is an intensive 3-day course that covers how to modify the ARCHIBUS user interface to control the user experience. The course covers topics like modifying database tables and fields; setting up users and security; creating reports, charts, graphs, and dashboards; personalizing the navigator; administering drawing publishing; manipulating the database to perform upgrades; creating test environments, and converting databases of one type to another; and, installations. This course is designed for the ARCHIBUS administrator, System administrator, and Database administrator responsible for installing the software, maintaining system integrity, and personalizing the interface.
Duration: 3 days
Prerequisite: ARCHIBUS Fundamentals Curriculum is required
Course topics:
Day 1 Installation and Configuration (System Administrator)
 Overview
 Database and Web Application Server Installation
 ARCHIBUS installation and project configuration
 Settings & Preferences
 User and Role Creation
 Active Directory Integration with Connectors
 Human Resource Integration with Connectors
Day 2 Navigation, Security, and CAD Settings (ARCHIBUS Administrator)
 Navigator Design and Process Assignment
 Report Design with the View Definition Wizard
 Dashboard Definition Wizard
 Security: Virtual Private ARCHIBUS (VPA)
 Security: Group Access
 CAD & BIM Configuration
 Asset Layers and Text
 Publishing Rule Definition
 Drawing Management
 Revit Properties Definition
Day 3 Database Management (Database Administrator)
 Database schema modifications
 Table and field creation
 Foreign key relationships
 Upgrade procedures and tools
 Project Update Wizard
 Application Update Wizard