ARCHIBUS Course : SI302 - System Integration: Web Central

ARCHIBUS Basic System Integration is a 2-day hands-on session exploring the Web Central interface and underlying technology. Web Central is a feature-rich Web application that complements the ARCHIBUS Smart Client, Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD and Revit, and Windows/Client products by adding the openness and reach of the World- Wide Web. Learn how to extend the interface to tailor processes to the specific needs of your organization by creating custom Web forms, grids, and assemblies. This course is designed for the ARCHIBUS integrator responsible for modifying code and manipulating the interface using primarily HTML and basic JavaScript.
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisite: Familiarity with the Web environment, XML and JavaScript is recommended.
Course topics:
Day 1 Views: Basic
 View and Dashboard Definition Basics
 Explanation of Datasources
 Explanation of Panels
 Panel Level Actions (export to Excel, PDF, etc.)
 Form/Field Level Actions (Edit, Delete, etc.)
 Assemblies and Layouts
 Navigation from Grid to Form
 Dashboards
Day 2 Views: Advanced
 Advanced Views
 Passing\Clearing Restrictions
 Custom SQL Queries
 Field-level actions
 Tree Panels
 Tabbed Views
 Custom Select Value Dialog Boxes
 Flash Drawing Panels
 Highlighting and Text
 Using Drawings in Select Value Dialogs
 Charts & Graphs
 Grouping Datasources
 Creating Paginated Reports